THE LAB Session 3

Exploration & Inquiry |  August 17, 2019 | Fauntleroy and Junsei Houses Designed by George Suyama FAIA with Suyama Peterson Deguchi. 

‘How do you break the bounds of institutionalized norms and explore a practice that questions all of those norms in order to move the art forward?’ is the question that Pacific Bonsai Museum’s LAB project asks, hypothesizing that one answer might come from outsider perspectives, particularly those of designers from various disciplines in which design principles have evolved and matured over time in the ferment of design critique. Artists and design professionals from the realms of architecture, landscape architecture, sculpture, glass art, graphic design, design writing, and bonsai convened at architect George Suyama’s richly-minimalistic Fauntleroy and Junsei Houses in West Seattle, Washington to view the LAB works in progress thoughtfully positioned throughout the houses and comment on them as artistic works.

Read, “Report from the LAB Session 3: Breaking the bounds of bonsai with interdisciplinary designers,” by Katherine Wimble Fox. This article was published in Bonsai Journal, Volume 53 Number 4, pages 28-33, Copyright American Bonsai Society (2019).


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