The LAB Session 1

Spaces of Liminality: Enter the LAB |  AUG 5, 2018 | Griggs House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

At the LAB Session 1, Spaces of Liminality: Enter the LAB, the artists and guests converged on the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Chauncey L. and Johanna Griggs House in Lakewood, WA.  We witnessed the live styling of a limber pine, and the unveiling of Ron Lang’s Frank Lloyd-Wright inspired bonsai container, and the unveiling of Austin Heitzman’s tall, walnut stand. Dr. Kevin Nute, a subject expert in the influence of Japanese culture on Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, gave a presentation on Wright’s life and design sensibilities. The audience and artists participated in a thought-provoking, moderated discussion around design innovation, collaboration, and the techtonics of bonsai. 

What happened at the LAB Session 1? Watch the trailer.

Read, “Everyday Reverence: Architecture, bonsai, and the LAB,” by K.W. Fox. This article was published in Bonsai Journal, Volume 52 Number 4, pages 18-25, Copyright American Bonsai Society (2018).