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You can help connect people to nature today with your gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum. Your support of the Museum’s work to care for this premier collection will make a world of difference.

Pacific Bonsai Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID number is 61-1727426

Buses4Bonsai Fund

Transportation is the number one barrier to teachers who want to bring their students to the Museum for a special bonsai field trip. Buses4Bonsai will help bring hundreds of school-age youth to the Museum to learn about bonsai, nature, and art. The fund provides $100 stipends to all field trips to help offset the costs of bus transportation, with the goal of eventually being able to pay for 100% of bus transportation fees. All gifts are very much appreciated.

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When you are a member of Pacific Bonsai Museum you are part of a vibrant community! Join fellow members in making a difference by supporting the Museum’s premier bonsai. Enjoy the perks of membership!

Join at the $100 level or higher and you’ll receive free admission to more than 900 museums in North America.


Your planned gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum is a thoughtful way to share your love of the Museum with future generations. When you choose to leave a charitable gift to the Museum through your estate you leave a legacy and secure the Museum’s financial future.


Align your company’s brand with Pacific Bonsai Museum, a powerhouse in the burgeoning world of bonsai art. We offer customized marketing packages for sponsors. Curious about how we can help your company? Contact Kathy McCabe at 253-353-7345.


Like to help out in person? When you volunteer you can give your time and talent to help with special events, bonsai care and educating visitors. We love our Museum volunteers!

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributes to the Museum’s mission–connecting people to nature through the living art of bonsai.

Pacific Bonsai Museum members, donors, volunteers, grantors and partners

January 2019 – May 2019.

Vivian Acevedo
Jessica Adair
Justin Adair
American Bonsai Society
Christine Anderson
Janice Anderson
Karl Anderson
Timothy Bartle
Joan Belady
Shawna Belmont
Dick Benbow
Taka Blackburn
Susan Bodilly
Maria Bowie
Kyle Bradford
Linda Brant
Cynthia Bruns
Geoffrey Bucks
Jeanne Burbidge
Ron Carmichael
Edlin Carranza
Ramon Castillo
Catherine Castle
Christ Lutheran Church Lakewood Seniors
Centura Churchill
Collin Civish
Concrete Technology Corporation
Shawnna Connolly
Sean Davis
David De Groot

Bophary Du
Kelsi Dunn
Elsa Durham
Richard Egusa
Emerald City Wanderers
James Family
Richard Frishholz
Cheryl Goehrs
James Grayson
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Maureen Green
Galen Griggs
Phyllis Griggs
Timothy Haigh
Mark Haley
James Halloran
Craig Hamamoto
Pierce Harken
Jaime Hawk
Scott Hayman
Howdy Hays
Will Hays
R.M. Hobbs
Ann Hobson
Ramona Jacob
Valinda Jones
Gary Kiyonaga
Jay Kletsky
Chris Koehler
Carolyn Koh
Ryan Kurashige

George Lamb
Linda Lamb
David Lichter
Kingsley Lowe
John Mackean
Trey Manning
Ellen Martin
Ken Martin
Will Mason
CJ McAnulty
Katherine McCabe
Stacey McCabe
Michael McLeod
Matt Merry
Michele Monson
Scott Nabe
Patricia Negron
Anna Nguyen
Ray Norris
Placido Orozco
Amy Ottavelli
Craig Ottavelli
Aarin Packard
Lynn Paietta
Mary Ellen Palmer
Rosellen Paolino
Neel Parikh
Susan Parko
Joseph Peabody
Laurent Pelletier
Mike Pellicciotti

Shannon Phillips
Grant Rauzi
Victrinia Ridgeway
Connie Ruhl
Millie Russell
Francesca Sarpola
Justin Schroeder
Joel Schwarz
Joshua Schweitzer
Ladd Smith
Marilyn Stevenson
Jeff Stottlemyre
Liz Sullivan
George Suyama
Tim Taylor
Hal Thornton
Iris Tio-Matos
Sheri Tonn
Judy Wagner
JoEllen Walker
Stephanie Wascha
Carolyn Wasteneys
Gavin Weekley
Troy Welch
George Weyerhaeuser
Gary Wharton
Bruce Williams
Katherine Wimble Fox
Carl Wooldridge
Jane Younge