You Make My Heart Sing

This spring, we invite you to share the gift of beauty. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by Sunday, May 9 to support the care of our bonsai that bring beauty to the hearts of so many. As a thank you for your contribution, we are offering four, Kusamono-making Experiences led by renowned artist Young Choe.

With Mom in Mind

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Making a kusamono with your mom, either nearby or from afar, or in her memory, would be a lovely way to make your hearts sing.


We have four gift options to choose from depending on how hands-on you want to be:

Support Our Collection

and select your Kusamono Experience thank you gift

Support Our Collection

and give a Kusamono Experience as a gift



Nature and friends are profoundly important. When times are tough, a breath of fresh air and feeling seen by friends can make all the difference to get us through. The bonsai are always here for you offering calm, patient beauty. Can you be there for them, too, in the spirit of friendship? Befriend a Bonsai today.


You can help connect people to nature today with your gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum. Your support of the Museum’s work to care for this premier collection will make a world of difference.

Pacific Bonsai Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID number is 61-1727426

become a member

When you are a member of Pacific Bonsai Museum you are part of a vibrant community! Join fellow members in making a difference by supporting the Museum’s premier bonsai. Enjoy the perks of membership!

Join at the $100 level or higher and you’ll receive free admission to more than 900 museums in North America.

Gifts of Stock

Pacific Bonsai Museum accepts gifts of stock.  

We encourage you to consult your tax advisor about personal tax benefits that may be gained through gifts of appreciated stock. To transfer securities, contact your stockbroker. 

Grantee George Weyerhaeuser Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection (legal name, doing business as Pacific Bonsai Museum)
Grantee Broker TD Ameritrade
DTC Number 0188
Account Number 488 428 621

Questions? Please contact Kathy McCabe at or 253-353-7345.


Your planned gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum is a thoughtful way to share your love of the Museum with future generations. When you choose to leave a charitable gift to the Museum through your estate you leave a legacy and secure the Museum’s financial future.


Align your company’s brand with Pacific Bonsai Museum, a powerhouse in the burgeoning world of bonsai art. We offer customized marketing packages for sponsors. Curious about how we can help your company? Contact Kathy McCabe at 253-353-7345.


Like to help out in person? When you volunteer you can give your time and talent to help with special events, bonsai care and educating visitors. We love our Museum volunteers!

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributes to the Museum’s mission–connecting people to nature through the living art of bonsai.

Pacific Bonsai Museum members, donors, volunteers, grantors and partners

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