Nature and friends are profoundly important. When times are tough, a breath of fresh air and feeling seen by friends can make all the difference to get us through. The bonsai are always here for you offering calm, patient beauty. Can you be there for them, too, in the spirit of friendship? Befriend a Bonsai today.


You can help connect people to nature today with your gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum. Your support of the Museum’s work to care for this premier collection will make a world of difference.

Pacific Bonsai Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID number is 61-1727426

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When you are a member of Pacific Bonsai Museum you are part of a vibrant community! Join fellow members in making a difference by supporting the Museum’s premier bonsai. Enjoy the perks of membership!

Join at the $100 level or higher and you’ll receive free admission to more than 900 museums in North America.

Gifts of Stock

It is easy to make a gift of publicly traded securities to Pacific Bonsai Museum. By transferring appreciated securities to the Museum, you can avoid capital gains taxes and use the fair market value of the stock on the day of transfer as the contribution amount.  The Museum handles all the administrative details. To ensure a smooth process, please contact Executive Director Pat Bako when you are ready to initiate the transfer with the name of your broker and the name/amount of the securities.

Securities held by a broker may be delivered through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to Pacific Bonsai Museum’s brokerage account.  Instructions should be given as follows:

Grantee George Weyerhaeuser Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection (legal name, doing business as Pacific Bonsai Museum)
Grantee Broker TD Ameritrade
DTC Number 0188
Account Number 488428621

Contact information:

Pat Bako
Executive Director
Telephone:       253-353-7345

After the stock is received, it is sold immediately, and the proceeds are deposited into the Museum’s account.

We will mail you a letter that confirms the stock transfer including the number of shares. You can use this letter as documentation for your individual tax return.



Your planned gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum is a thoughtful way to share your love of the Museum with future generations. When you choose to leave a charitable gift to the Museum through your estate you leave a legacy and secure the Museum’s financial future.

If you have any questions about planned giving or would like to discuss, please contact Pat Bako, Executive Director, at or by phone at 253-224-4963.


Align your company’s brand with Pacific Bonsai Museum, a powerhouse in the burgeoning world of bonsai art. We offer customized marketing packages for sponsors. Curious about how we can help your company? Contact Pat Bako at 253-353-7345.


Like to help out in person? When you volunteer you can give your time and talent to help with special events, bonsai care and educating visitors. We love our Museum volunteers!

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributes to the Museum’s mission–connecting people to nature through the living art of bonsai.

Pacific Bonsai Museum members, donors, volunteers, grantors and partners

June 2021 – December 2021

David Aho
Matthew Aimonetti
Christine Anderson
Janice Anderson
Janet Anderson
Noel Angell
David Asahara
Jasmine Aynedter
Michael Babbit
Christopher Baker
Pat Bako
Christal Baldry
Molly Barnes
Julia Barnett
Adrian Bedoya
Scott Belser
Michael Bentley
Donna Berger
Margaret Bernheisel
Alan Black
Jacqueline Boyd
Jeanne Burbidge
Robin Calderon
Irma Castro
Cathi Champion
Sesh Cherukuri
Jason Christensen
Sheryl Costanzo
Jan Crews
Sara Crockett
Chuck Curtis
David De Groot
Robin Dearling
Dale Derricote
Robert Downey
Bill Driscoll
Kathleen Ebey
Gary Epstein
Gwil Evans
Anthony Fajarillo
Jeff Fergot
Mark Fields
Robert and Natalie Findlay
Roland Folse
Albert Foster
Becky Fox
Spencer Frazer
Erik Fredrickson

Melissa Frick Minick
Dan Fulton
Richard Furuzawa
Richard Gardner
Mary Gates
James Gibson
Shanti Giese
Anna Godornes
Carolyn Godwin
Janine Gordon
Phyllis Griggs
Stuart Grover
Margaret Guthrie
Edythe Bruce Hammond Lurie
Noah Hanna
Breana Hansen
Todd Hansen
Hanns Hasche-Kluender
Samantha Hill
Alexander Hoffman
Karl Holmes
Terese Jackson
Team Jam
Pamela Jenney
Craig Johnson
Tomoko Joichi
Philip Jolly
Stefen Kaelber
Erna Kantner
Angela Kennedy
Liz Ketterer
Marge Kinoshita
Carol Klock
H. Hasche Kluender
Lisa Kolick
Mark and Eileen Lamphere
Raymond Larson
Megan Lebaker
Mitchell Lee
Jim Linardos
Martha Lloyd
Susan Lord
Todd & Libbi Lovshin
Jax Lucas
Elizabeth Lufkin
Leanne Madre
Alan Maeda
Kacey Mann

Mary Marasco
David and Chrissie Marshall
Katherine McCabe
Michael Mcleod
Melissa Meier
Shayla Miles
Margaret Mizumoto
Michael and Bernadette Monroe
Mary Montgomery
Martin Morfeld
Tom Morrow
Christine Nakashiba
Lisa Nash
Linda Norlen
Bonita Nowicki
Kyle Ostler
Ron Paarmann
Aarin Packard
William Packard
Evan Pardue
Neel Parikh
Colleen Pauluh
Carol Philbin
Brittany Pollard
Michael Pollock
Lisa Ponder
Dennis Pool
Joni Raphael Greathouse
Maria Rash
Grant & Kathy Rauzi
Kyle Reiter
Victrinia Ridgeway
Jeremy Roberts
Donald Robertson
Diane Robinson
Mary Rockwell
Patrick Rodgers
Nathan Rose
Dean Runyan
Millie Russell
John Saalwaechter
Anna Sanger Reed
Richard Schlafer
John Schmied
Wayne Schoech
Jeff Sczechowski
Steve Seto
Kit Severson

Caroline Sherman
John Shigaki
Polly Shigaki
May Shimbo
Georgia Siehl
Ladd Smith
Ramona Soule
Anatol Steck
Eliana Stockwell-Ferber
Marius Strom
Stuart Stuthers
George Suyama
Joyce Mitsuko Tamaru
Jenn Tan
Brian Therrien
Travis Thurber
Iris Tio-Matos
Sheri Tonn
Joyce Tsuji
Sandy Tsukiyama
Ryoma Uno
Stacy Uyeda
Martin Valenzuela
Kathryn Van Wagenen Bryan
Dirk Vanwoerden
Suzanne Vargo
Alyssa Villablanca
Hong Vu
Judy Wagner
Emily Walsek
Jeanne Walter
Ken Wassum
Mckenna Waycott
Marilyn Webb
Timothy Weckman
Marty Weiser
Martin Wells
Lisa Weyerhaeuser
George Weyerhaeuser
Hunter White
Jim Wiggins
Randy Willett
Randall Willett
Kendra Williams
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Greg Wright
Kunfeng Scott Wu

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