From Scroll to Skateboard

April 30 – October 2, 2016
Decked-Out Tucker Oak Display

The traditional environment for displaying a bonsai in Japan is a small interior alcove called a tokonoma. Much like the mantel above a fireplace, the tokonoma is a room’s focal point where cherished art and objects are displayed. A tokonoma display consists of three elements: a bonsai, a hanging scroll, and a small accent plant or art object. The role of the scroll is to anchor the display both visually and thematically. Decked-Out aspires to reinterpret the traditional hanging scroll used in bonsai displays with modern skate deck art.

Decked-Out: From Scroll to Skateboard features 16 tokonoma style displays, each with a custom skate deck painted by the Pacific Northwest’s most talented urban muralists.  Artists are paired with a bonsai to create a work that combines traditional motifs and modern graffiti styles, as a new interpretation of bonsai display is established. Don’t miss this groundbreaking exhibit as the ancient beauty of bonsai collides with the emerging street art movement for the very first time.


With support from:


City of Federal Way Lodging Tax Fund

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