Stone Images XIII

Stone Images XIII is a free, visual art exhibit featuring naturally collected Viewing Stones presented annually at Pacific Bonsai Museum by the Northwest Viewing Stone Group of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association. Learn more and view images from the exhibit.

Works of Living Art from our Permanent Bonsai Collection

See 50 bonsai representing the finest examples of the art of bonsai anywhere in the world and the most geographically and botanically diverse collection of bonsai in the United States.

Past Exhibits

See the bonsai that started our collection and follow their journey through today.  Thirty-nine trees on display, some in their 1989 positions nestled among the (now taller) trees surrounding our exhibition area. Visit old favorites or meet new friends.

See the results of experimental techniques pushing horticultural limits to achieve radical designs in our 2023 special exhibition, Avant-garden. 

View eleven works from daring artists who have evolved their bonsai practice through experimentation, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. See bonsai trees like never before: in non-traditional vessels using repurposed materials; in different planting orientations; and bonsai that explore subject matter other than the traditional “nature and our relationship to it” theme.

With works by:

  • Courtney Branam
  • Kevin Bennett
  • Greg Brenden
  • David Crust
  • Michael Hagedorn
  • Austin Heitzman
  • Benjamin Keating
  • Ron Lang
  • Nick Lenz
  • Ryan Neil
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Aarin Packard
  • Erich Raudebaugh
  • Spencer Staley
  • Timea Tihanyi

Challenge your expectations of what a bonsai should look like and glimpse into the future and what lies ahead for an ancient art form. Step inside the Avant-garden of bonsai where anything is possible, and be inspired! Exhibition runs May 13 to Sept 10, 2023.


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