50, stunning bonsai from our permanent collection are currently on view outdoors (in their winter enclosures, protecting them from the cold) and in our tropical greenhouse.


Living Art of Bonsai: Principles of Design

Living Art of Bonsai: Principles of Design picks up where our 2018 exhibit,  Elements of Design, left off. We’ll add-on more advanced principles of bonsai art—movement, rhythm, proportion, unity, contrast, (asymmetrical) balance —and demonstrate each principle in bonsai, in trees, and in other works of art. Explore the exhibit and gain a deeper appreciation for the living art of bonsai. Opens May 11; runs through September 29, 2019.

Gnarly: The Dan Robinson Retrospective

Gnarly honors a lifetime of work by local, international legend Dan Robinson. As Robinson turns 80-years-old, Pacific Bonsai Museum looks back on his still-flourishing career as an American bonsai renegade who pioneered unorthodox techniques and championed the gnarly, twisted forms of aged trees in nature. From his days with the ‘Bonsai Bums’–who helped establish the Pacific Northwest bonsai scene–to the groundbreaking of his unique local attraction, Elandan Gardens, see a slice of Robinson’s world displayed in installations of bonsai, rock, and wood representing each decade of his career. Opens May 11; runs through September 29, 2018.

Past Exhibits

Stone Images IX

OCT 16 – DEC 16, 2018

Living Art of Bonsai: Elements of Design

APR 21 – NOV 5, 2018


APR 8 – OCT 8, 2017

Stone Images VIII

FEB 18 – MAR 26, 2017


APR 30 – OCT 2, 2016

stone images vii

MAR 26 – APR 24, 2016


MAY 8 – SEP 30, 2015

Stone Images Vi

APR 3 – MAY 3, 2015