Japanese White Pine, Sugimoto

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
A handsome example of grafting technique, this white pine was imported from Japan in 1976. It is also called a “Japanese five needle pine” displaying five needles in each fascicle, whereas most pines have two or three. White pines are frequently grafted onto black pine rootstock in order to increase their vigor and provide a thicker, more attractive bark on the lower trunk. This specimen was raised in a bonsai nursery, so shaping was started at an early age. Field growing to enlarge the trunk made the branches grow rather fast and long. After moving it back into a bonsai pot, much attention had to be paid to shortening the branches. The process of thinning, shortening and refining branches continues for the entire life of a bonsai.
Common Name
Japanese White Pine
Scientific Name
Pinus parviflora
Kenneth Sugimoto