Japanese Black Pine, literati

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
Japanese Black Pine (Single trunk) Bunjin This Japanese Black is an example of slanting style bonsai, with the top of the tree well to one side of the base, suggesting a tree reaching for light or leaning from the bank of a river. The long, slender trunk and rounded crown give it a graceful feeling. The present elegant look of this bonsai belies its humble beginnings. Mr. Jizaburo Furuzawa, the original artist, propagated it while detained in a relocation camp during World War II. Relatives in Japan sent him pine seeds to occupy his time, and he sowed them in tin cans. He grew and trained this bonsai for many years after his release. The tree was purchased in 1981 by Mr. John Uchida, one of Mr. Furuzawa’s former students.
Common Name
Japanese Black Pine
Scientific Name
Pinus thunbergii
Jizaburo Furuzawa