Creeping Juniper, Naka

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
This planting is the fourth composition that bonsai artist John Naka created in his career. It is an example of “raft” style bonsai, a variation of group planting in which a tree is laid on its side and the branches trained upward as individual trunks. Three bonsai sub-styles are also represented, including windswept, rock planting and literati (freely composed, with long, slender trunks and short, sparse branches). The plant material was originally five-gallon nursery stock that the artist shaped into a conventional group planting in 1955. In 1969, he restyled it and transplanted it to a piece of Mexican volcanic “Wonder Rock”. The evolution of this remarkable bonsai is shown in Mr. Naka’s book Bonsai Techniques II.
Common Name
Creeping Juniper
Scientific Name
Juniperus horizontalis
John Yoshio Naka