Coast Redwood

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
Coast redwood is a Native American tree that is becoming popular as bonsai. In nature it inhabits coastal areas to 4,000 feet, from central California to southernmost Oregon. Fire has always been a danger in the dry hills of its native range. Young redwoods survive destruction by their ability to re-grow from stump or roots. Older trees are protected by thick, dense bark. Although it grows quickly and vigorously in nature, the coast redwood develops slowly in container cultivation. This specimen was purchased by bonsai artist Toichi Domoto as a three-year-old stock plant in 1960 and received its initial training in 1967. The furrowed red-brown bark and dark, glossy foliage make an attractive display year-round.
Common Name
Coast Redwood
Scientific Name
Sequoia sempervirens
Toichi Domoto