Christian Larch

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
Eastern larch is an inhabitant of wet places such as bogs and pond sides. This tree was collected from the shore of Dead Crow Lake at the tip of Cape Bretin Island, Nova Scotia. Excavation revealed that it had no original root system, but was a branch of a much larger tree. Pressed into the soil by snow, the branch had formed a single small root that allowed for its collection. The artist named this bonsai the “Christian Larch”, seeing it as a metaphor for a person who in early adulthood grows away from the center of his religious faith, only to reconsider his beliefs in mid-life, and after some wavering, returns to the center of faith in old age. The dead wood spiraling up the trunk resulted from roots on only one side of the trunk and the removal of several large branches during styling.
Common Name
American Larch
Scientific Name
Larix laricina
Nick Lenz