Chinese Hackberry, Oki

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
Trees, unlike other art media, exist as living creatures with forms of their own before the artist begins the shaping process. It is easy to understand, then, that to a greater degree than other forms of art, bonsai may be the result of serendipity as well as inspiration. At one time, this tree was a “volunteer” that had grown up in the artist’s yard, too close to his house. As its height approached 20 feet, its branches began to damage the roof, and Mr. Oki was obliged to cut it down. The 4 inch stump seemed to have bonsai possibilities, so it was transferred to a container for development. Today, after more than 50 years of training, it has an ancient looking hollow trunk and beautifully formed branches and twigs.
Common Name
Chinese Hackberry
Scientific Name
Celtis sinensis
Ben Oki