Blue Atlas Cedar, Hatanaka

Bonsai Detail

Brief Description
Atlas cedar is one of only a few species of true cedar in the world. It is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where it grows at elevations high enough to expose the trees to winter snow, despite the otherwise Mediterranean climate. The varietal name “Glauca” refers to the grayish or bluish cast of the foliage caused by waxy secretions on the needles’ surface. This bonsai has been trained into the broadly conical form of a large, mature tree. The illusion has been created by revealing the broadly flared base and surface roots, reducing the height to increase the apparent girth of the trunk (relative to its height) and bending the branches into downward slanting positions, as if exposed to snow loading in its native range.
Common Name
Blue Atlas Cedar
Scientific Name
Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'
Bill Hatashita