Pacific Bonsai Museum offers virtual field trips

for students PreK – 12th grade and learners of all ages!

Choose between three curricula:

Arts: exploring the creative process and art of bonsai

Available for grades 3 through 12

Students explore the principles and elements of design

Engage in art-making activities including creating bonsai

STEM:  exploring the science of bonsai and how the environment affects living creatures

Available for grades pre-K through 12

Students hypothesize, make scientific observations, and engage in activities such as comparing full-sized trees to bonsai and exploring proportion.

3rd through 5th and 6th through 12th-grade curriculum aligns with NGSS and Common Core standards.

World War Bonsai: Remembrance & Resilience: exploring the World War Bonsai: Remembrance & Resilience exhibit, which traces the cultural practice of bonsai in location and time—in Japan and in the United States, from the pre-war WWII period, through wartime, amid incarceration, and at peace

Available for grades pre-K through 12

Students engage with the exhibition by watching tree and story videos, as well as activities such as “be the bonsai” and intergenerational interviews with family members

Field trip curriculum aligns with WA State’s Social Studies Standards and Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards

Special thank you to the Royal Little Family Foundation for supporting the development of this curriculum.

All virtual field trips have videos and activity sheets to do at home.


Our virtual field trips are available by request

simply follow these steps:


  1. Fill out this short request form. You will be prompted to select the field trip activity subject you would like:
  • STEM Pre-k – 2nd grade
  • STEM 3rd – 5th grade
  • STEM 6th – 12th grade
  • Arts 3rd – 5th grade
  • Arts 6th – 12th grade
  • WWB Pre-k – 2nd grade
  • WWB 3rd – 5th grade
  • WWB 6th – 12th grade
  • Everything for 3rd – 5th grade
  • Everything for 6th – 12th grade
  1. Within 3 business days, you will receive all the necessary videos and activities
  2. Enjoy learning about bonsai in a virtual setting!