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Small hands, Small Trees
Big Nature, Big ideas

When you make a donation to Pacific Bonsai Museum, you will be supporting our new youth education program, coming in 2018. Children from across the region will be able to partake in hands-on education activities. When they visit the Museum, school kids get a super dose of things that are good for their physical and emotional well-being: nature, art, and fresh air. Your donation will support programs that spark children’s imaginations today, and for a lifetime. All gifts are very much appreciated.


You can help connect people to nature today with your gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum. Your support of the Museum’s work to care for this premier collection will make a world of difference.

Pacific Bonsai Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID number is 61-1727426

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When you are a member of Pacific Bonsai Museum you are part of a vibrant community! Join fellow members in making a difference by supporting the Museum’s premier bonsai. Enjoy the perks of membership!

Join at the $100 level or higher and you’ll receive free admission to more than 900 museums in North America.


Your planned gift to Pacific Bonsai Museum is a thoughtful way to share your love of the Museum with future generations. When you choose to leave a charitable gift to the Museum through your estate you leave a legacy and secure the Museum’s financial future.


Align your company’s brand with Pacific Bonsai Museum, a powerhouse in the burgeoning world of bonsai art. We offer customized marketing packages for sponsors. Curious about how we can help your company? Contact Kathy McCabe at 253-353-7345.


Like to help out in person? When you volunteer you can give your time and talent to help with special events, bonsai care and educating visitors. We love our Museum volunteers!

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributes to the Museum’s mission–connecting people to nature through the living art of bonsai.

Pacific Bonsai Museum members, donors, volunteers, grantors and partners

January 2018 – March 2018

This list is updated quarterly 

Christine Anderson
Janice Anderson
Karl Anderson
Mike Andrews
Michael Babbit
Ellen Bartholomew
Daniel Bateson
Dick Benbow
Alyssa Bentley
Blanche Bollert
Linda Breeden
Jeramigh Brown
Jennifer Buckholz
Patrick Buckholz
Geoffrey Bucks
Jeanne Burbidge
Jim Burbidge
Ron Cascisa
Roger Case
Bruce Castle
Isis Christina
Annette Clark
Laurie Clark
Shamra Clark
Wayne Clark
John Conn
Tony Cunio
David De Groot
Pat De Groot
Susan Doten
Elsa Durham
Cathy Edgar
Mark Edgar
Jason Eider
Elizabeth Evans
Gwil Evans
Natalie Findlay
Robert Findlay
Sandra Fuentes
Bill Gates
Mary Gates

Scarlet Gore
Dave Grant
Bryan Green
Phyllis Griggs
Stuart Grover
Kathy Hacker
Cindy Hackett
Timothy Haigh
Mark Haley
Nancy Haley
Ingrid Hansen
Hanns Hasche-Kluender
Jaime Hawk
Monique Herrera
Judith Highton
Lawrence Highton
Ann Hobson
Alexander Hoffman
Karl Holmes
Laura Hudson
Ross Irvine
Guy Jones
Grace Kanda
H.David Kaplan
Michael Kempson
Gary Kiyonaga
Rick Klauber
Jay Kletsky
Daniel Kozie
Emily Kozie
Paul Kronst
Edward Kuehn
John Kundrat
George Lamb
Linda Lamb
Diane Lasch
Nancy Laws
Robert Laws
David Lichter
Jon Lim
RADM John Lockwood

Alexandria Manalo
Charles Manalo
Jeff Markillie
Catherine Maskell
Kevin Maskell
Patricia Maskell
Will Mason
Katherine McCabe
Kristine McLean
Michael McLeod
Trevor Menagh
Lynn Miller
Patricia Negron
Ray Norris
Gerald O’Keefe
Raymond Ong
Aarin Packard
Bill Packard
Claudia Packard
Lynn Paietta
Mike Pellicciotti
Catherine Pettinari
Ryan Pohanic
Michael Ramey
Kyle Reiter
Eric Ridgeway
Victrinia Ridgeway
Connie Ruhl
Dean Runyan
Craig Russell
Millie Russell
John Salsbery
Bob Sangster
Carol Sangster
Francesca Sarpola
Tyler Saur
Arlene Scaroni
Eric Schikowski
Joel Schwarz
Robert Sims
Maria Simson

Andrea Smith
Christopher Smith
Ladd Smith
Marga Snipes
Roger Snipes
Ramona Soule
Jeff Stottlemyre
Liz Sullivan
Tim Taylor
Quyen Thai
Jeffrey Tonn
Sheri Tonn
Pamela Transue
Tonya Tromblee
Joyce Tsuji
Halee Turner
Terry Turner
Connie Van Houten
Vern Van Houten
Kathryn Van Wagenen
Dirk VanWoerden
Mary Lou VanWoerden
Alyssa Villablanca
Judy Wagner
Marilyn Webb
George Weyerhaeuser
John Weyerhaeuser
Kayla Weyerhaeuser
Leilee Weyerhaeuser
Gary Wharton
Gary Wharton
Roland Whilliams
Frances Whitt
Katherine Wimble Fox
Carl Wooldridge
Connie Wooldridge
John Wott
Kelly Wynn
Thomas Young
Rowland Zoller