Remembering Harry Hirao

We were lucky to receive one of Harry’s large juniper that his longtime friend Mel Ikeda donated after Harry’s passing. In this video, see what happened to the tree since—and the thoughtful way Ryan Neil (Bonsai Mirai) and Aarin Packard (Pacific Bonsai Museum) approached repotting, styling, and evolving the original concept.

Tree No. 185 // California Juniper (Juniperus californica) // Original artist: Harry Hirao // Donated by: Mel Ikeda.

Fly Over Pacific Bonsai Museum

See what makes our setting so special as the camera takes you from a bird’s eye view of the forest canopy into our exhibit space.

2015 Tour of the Museum

Curator Aarin Packard introduces the garden and some of the masterpiece Bonsai trees in our collection.

Filmed and produced by Bonsai Empire, 2015.