Basic Bonsai Styles

  • 1 Cascade

    Most of the arching trunk drops lower than the soil line. The lowest portions of the tree may lie below the bottom of the pot. Projects an image of drama, strength and tenacity.
  • 2 Semi-Cascade

    Curved or straight trunk, extending outward and sometimes downward. Some of the tree may drop below the soil line. Projects an image of wild, wind-swept solitude, survival under harsh conditions.
  • 3 Slanting

    Straight or curved trunk, grown on a slant, with apex lying well to one side of the base. Projects an image of graceful asymmetry, dynamic motion.
  • 4 Formal Upright

    Single upright trunk that rises in a straight line from base to apex. Projects an image of formality, simplicity, serenity.
  • 5 Informal Upright

    Single curved trunk with crown and base usually aligned. Projects an image of informality, flexibility, gracefulness.